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Making sure that requests and questions submitted on this website are handled quickly and efficiently is a very high priority. Hercules OEM has partnered with HubSpot to provide CRM integration and inquiry automation to reduce response time and insure you will receive swift responses and quotes as quickly as possible. Providing world class customer service and technical assistance for your sealing application and needs are just a click away on this website!
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Specialty Materials

Specialty rubber compounds for use in fuel, food, water, steam and dairy applications are available from Hercules OEM. Our extensive specialty compound catalog offers a solution for almost every sealing application. We can produce seals in specialty elastomers to meet UL, FDA, 3A Dairy, NSF51 and NSF61 requirements. Contact us for more information or to speak to one of our application engineers.
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Life Saving Medical Equipment

Hercules OEM Group is proud to provide life saving equipment related to Covid-19. We supply O-Rings that go on ventilators and intubation devices and with distributing breathing tubes used in respiratory diagnostic equipment. We are have shipped out twelve million EDPM seals use in the plastic cap of test tubes that were used to house a swab after testing for Covid-19.
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