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Upload parts from an excel spread sheet to order.     Save parts items to order later. View Hercules Mobile Apps for Iphone and Android.
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Upload parts from an excel spread sheet to order.
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Excel Upload

File should include column A as parts and column B as qty.
(No headers please)

Using the Parts Upload

Format your file with catalog part numbers in column one, and quantities in column two, leaving out all header names. (as per example below) Files must be saved with the .csv file type in excel in order to be uploaded.

Terms Accounts can enter a PO in column C for multiple PO orders.
(Not available for credit card)

Upload your Parts File below

Large orders are quick and eqsy to place and organize using the Herculesu Excel Upload. Using your csv file you can to upload a list of parts in seconds. Simply choose the browse button and upload your file.
*Files over a thousand lines make take a few minutes based on internet connection.

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